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Girls Flock to Hardwood Hills Ranch

Girls Flock to Hardwood Hills Ranch

Monday, September 10, 2018


Tayler Bonecutter

  1. On the Hunt
    16 Nov, 2018
    On the Hunt
    I spent some time in the woods last weekend.  I wanted to find that big buck everybody talks about. I got up EARLY Saturday morning and blundered out to my tree, half asleep.  It was soooooo cold!  I sat there forever. Like 30 whole minutes. All I could think about was warm milk & algae.  I grabbed my gun, trotted right back to the house, and fluffed my feathers by the fireplace while my milk heated on the stove. I went back out Saturday evening and sat until dark.  A couple of birds flew by,
  2. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Too Tight to buy Oil
    14 Nov, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Too Tight to buy Oil
    Man, dirt bike specific oil is high! Can’t I use automotive oil and just change it every time? My answer is no but you do what you want. For starters, lets talk about the oils journey in the engine. 4 strokes use a recirculation oil system. Oil is forced into the filter by an engine driven pump. The filter picks up large particles that should not be there. After it goes through the filter, the oil enters the oil pump and then fed throughout the engine. Minimizing heat and friction build up is
  3. MHSC B Class Champ - TEAM BETA
    12 Nov, 2018
    MHSC B Class Champ - TEAM BETA
    One of our local riders has had a ton of success this year on his Beta! Below, Jared Cheatham talks about his stellar year. "Hello, I’m Jared Cheatham, I’m 25 years old and been riding dirt bikes since I was 7, but just started racing in 2016. I generally rode Yamaha’s all my life.  I started from the little ole PW80 to a trusty little (Honda) XR80, to a mean zippy little yz 85. That thing was a rocket, kudos to all you little kids that race them bad boys! I then made a huge step to a yz250
  4. Take Me Back To Alabama....
    09 Nov, 2018
    Take Me Back To Alabama....
    Well I made it all the way to Alabama and back without being tossed out a window!!        It was the 2018 National Enduro's last race.  Steve wasn't able to compete, because he took a spill practicing at home and has a bum wing. Even though he wasn't able to ride this race, he finished the season with 2nd in his class.  Tayler raced and struggled a little bit mentally. She found the course to be quite trying at times. She said she would be in 3 foot sand whoops and then suddenly be thrown onto
  5. Gobbler Getter National Enduro
    08 Nov, 2018
    Gobbler Getter National Enduro
    Final round of NEPG took place in Stanton, AL. I have never ridden in Alabama but had heard it to be sandy, big whoops, and be aware of wet red clay in corners. A little over an inch of rain earlier in the week made conditions AMAZING! I mean, the dirt was PRIMO!!!! The first two tests were 8 miles each and brutal! 3 ft whoops to very tight trees was very demanding and kept my heart rate high. I could not find a flow through the whoops. I was really hoping all the tests would not be this bad.
  6. Hillbilly GP - Lu's Place
    08 Nov, 2018
    Hillbilly GP - Lu's Place
    My dad and I raced the last round of NEPG last weekend but Wyatt decided to hit up the opening round of the HBGP. Sunday was a cool, cloudy day and overnight rain made conditions wet. The field had standing water and scoring lane got a little soupy. Late fall-winter racing requires riders to “Hillbilly Up”! Wyatt’s Race Report: “14 Pros on the starting line. I was about mid pack off the line. The trail was muddy but still fast and fun as always. My favorite section was the creek, I could blast
  7. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Dirt Bike Diary
    07 Nov, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Dirt Bike Diary
    Do you write a diary about your dirt bike? If not, you should and not just write about how much you love your bike. You need to track stuff, regarding hours, conditions of what you are riding, work done to the bike, etc..? Some riders tend to wait until something fails on their bike before fixing it. Wouldn’t it suck to pull up to the start and all of sudden your clutch does not work… Something to ponder on How many legitimate hours are on your bike? The only accurate way to know is to use a
  8. Alabama or Bust
    02 Nov, 2018
    Alabama or Bust
    I musta got on Tech Tip Tayler's last nerve Wednesday.  I first thought I was going to get a bubble bath when she was waving the scrub brush at me. I got super excited & was doing my happy dance when it all unfolded.  The scrub brush hit the ground and she began saying Tech Tip words I did NOT understand. Words that Google probably couldn't even help me with.  Anyways, she had me all wrapped up before I even knew she was in reach.  Needless to say, I am banned from being in the vacinity
  9. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Dirty Bike = NO GOOD
    31 Oct, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Dirty Bike = NO GOOD
    A clean bike is a happy bike. I get extremely bent out of shape if my bike is dirty for long. Washing bikes is tedious work and I personally do not enjoy it but I can’t stress the importance of it enough. When the dirt bike is clean, it is easier to inspect damage and work on. What is your opinion, is it a good idea to have dirt clumps falling inside the engine or reservoir's? How I wash my bike varies on the scenario. It depends on if it was a mudder, what needs worked on, or just needs