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Girls Flock to Hardwood Hills Ranch

Girls Flock to Hardwood Hills Ranch

Monday, September 10, 2018


Tayler Bonecutter


  1. MORE Peninsula Run 2018
    18 Sep, 2018
    MORE Peninsula Run 2018
    This past weekend round 6 of the MORE series took place on a peninsula at the Lake of the Ozarks. Camp Sabra is located in Rocky Mount, MO... Let’s just say there was some truth to the name of the town. MORE is a two day event and most races I will race three different classes. I remember enjoying this property the year before and was super excited for this race. During my practice lap, I just could not believe how many loose rocks this place had! It was insane. A lot of the trail is on the
  2. Loose Moose National Enduro 2018
    11 Sep, 2018
    Loose Moose National Enduro 2018
    Steve Bonecutter’s description of test 6 – “The moon rocks were so huge it was like rolling up to the house and trying to figure out how to climb it. By the end of the first mile, I was tired, had leg cramps, and was barely able to ride my bike. RUTHLESS! Hardest 8 miles I have ever rode.”
  3. Road Trip to Loose Moose National
    07 Sep, 2018
    Road Trip to Loose Moose National
    Loaded up early this morning, heading for another race.  I believe I overheard them say it was the Loose Moose National Enduro in Marquette, MI.  "Loose Moose" that sounds reassuring!  These people climb on my back, push a button, kick a lever, twist my throttle, & expect miracles all day. We get back to the tent, they toss me on a stand, & gather around in a group to talk about the brutal trail. "I  almost flipped off my bike, hit my handle bars, and my ribs hurt," I hear.  Well, HELLO, how do