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​​April 20 - The Off Road Cup Wyandotte, OK

April 28 - NEPG Forest Hill, LA

May 5 - MHSC Bolivar, MO

May 5 - Okie Sprint Seminole, OK

May 18 & 19 - MORE Couch, MO

June 2 - MHSC Steelville, MO

June 9 - MHSC Eugene, MO

June 9 - NEPG Greensboro, GA 


Welcome to our upcoming dirt bike racing events and gallery! As a leading entity in the dirt bike community, we make sure to stay up to date on all the major race events going on in the Midwest. These dirt bike events are great places to compete against fellow enthusiasts—and they’re also great introductions to the exciting sport of Enduro racing. These events are also the best way to take your riding ability to the next level.

We have amassed a large amount of experience with various types of dirt bike events. Our expansive knowledge on dirt bike events is a great resource if you want to get into the sport and are looking for an easily accessible race. To make your experience all the better, we can introduce you to brands and products that the professionals use.

 These terrains challenge you as a rider and sharpen your skills, giving you the experience you need to rise to the top of the sport. Most of these events go throughout the entirety of fall, which is a prime part of racing season.  The drastic range in seasonal temperatures and regional weather make for a hair-raising season as you could find yourself racing through a dry field one weekend and zipping through a muddy forest the next.

We will feature event postings for year round racing.  Hare scramblers will find at least one race being held nearly every month even through the winter. Check out our new monthly posting for your next adventure.