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​​​​Powder Coating

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At Bonecutter's, we’re proud to say that we have a dirt bike powder coating service. From your frame to your spokes, we can easily powder coat any part of your dirt bike.
Powder coating seems simple enough on paper, but it requires special tools and equipment. It’s always recommended to have your parts coated by a professional. Our trained technicians can provide a high-quality powder coating every time.

A powder coated dirt bike offers plenty of benefits over a non-powder coated dirt bike. Powder coating bike parts makes them far more resistant to the weather and the elements (sand, rocks, and other debris). The parts will also be far more resistant to chips, scratches, and rust.
From the frame to the chain cover, you can powder coat any metal part of your bike that does not face regular abrasion and wear.


Common Powder Coated Parts:
  • Frame
  • Handle Bars
  • Engine mounts/ Covers
  • Swing Arm
  • Rim or hub
  • Sub Frame
  • Foot Pegs
  • Levers
  • Triple Clamps

We’re more than happy to offer our high-quality dirt bike powder coating service. It’s one of many services we provide at our shop. Why just come in for a quick tune up when you can get your bike back out there looking brand new? If you really want to pop on the track, show up on a powder coated dirt bike. Winning is more fun when you do it in style.  

   This is a simple breakdown of our complete powder coating process:​​​​
  • Remove the part that you wish to coat - this step can also be done by customer
  • Clean any excess material or particles
  • Hang and electrically ground the soon-to-be coated part
  • Spray the part with positively charged powder
  • Remove the sprayed part, and place in our oven
  • Let the part cure inside the oven
  • Remove the part from the oven
  • Re-assemble the bike - this step can also be done by the customer