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As a leading dealer in the area, we proudly offer our three trusted new unit brands: Sherco dirt bikes, Beta dirt bikes, and Odes ATV/UTV. The bikes are excellent options for new and seasoned riders. Our bikes also come in a wide range of sizes, so you can find the bike for you. The utility and all terrain vehicles are perfect for farmers, hunters, and the person who wants to play around on it.
If you’re looking for something more affordable, then check out our used inventory where you’ll find used Sherco, Beta, KTM, Yamaha, and many other top brand dirt bikes at great prices.

Our inventory of new and used dirt bikes feature plenty of rides for every type of rider — we’ll have you on the trail or track in no time. Contact us today to learn more.

Financing now available for Beta and Sherco through FreedomRoad Financial. 
They offer great rates and terms for those with good credit scores to those with not so good credit scores. FreedomRoad Financial will even finance other dirt bike brands that we have on hand that are used.

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0% Down and  payments as low as $59/week   
 for qualified loans

New Bikes 
Bikes listed below are currently in stock.

Financing Avaiable - 0% Down 
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2017 Beta 125 RR-S

Electric start
Durable engine
50 State Street Legal
Fold down mirrors

​    $4,999       1 IN STOCK!      
2019 Beta 200 RR

Electric start
Oil injection
Low weight
6 speed transmission

​    $8,399       2 IN STOCK!      
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If in stock Beta takes 1-2 weeks to recieve. Sherco depends on availability but about a 1 week if in stock. 
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* ZF Sachs Forks & Shock * New ECU
* Larger diameter clutch actuator
*New BPV Exhaust valve and springs kit (300cc only)
*Stiffer Clutch Cover (125cc only)
*New throttle control 
*New mapping
*Larger diameter clutch actuator​​​

B.Y.O.B - Build Your Own Beta
* Build an Italian steed that fits your needs!
*Custom program that lets customers build their new Beta
*Lots of accesories to choose from
*Beta Factory Suspension can be added on

 RR-S Model (info):​​​​​
 These are premium dual sport
 bikes that feature special touches such as:
  • Trail Tech Voyager GPS
  • Fuel injected
  • Cooling fan kit
  • Quiet muffler w/spark arrestor
  • Off-Road-spec engine and suspension package
  • Fold down mirrors for trails
  • Tool storage behind left side number plate
  • 36.6” seat height w/built in grab handles
  • 12 month warranty

 RR Model (info):​​​​​
 Beta did lots of updates to the exsisting RR's
 and was able to make lots of improvements
 while still shaving 10+ pounds.
  • electric start
  • oil injection
  • dual map switch
  • 48mm Sachs fork & Sachs shock
  • The 250 & 300 each weigh in at 224 lbs
  • 6 month warranty

 RR Race Model (info):​​​​
 The RR Race edition motorcycles share the  
 same platform (chassis & engines) as the 
 RR models with the following upgrades:
  • 48mm Sachs closed forks
  • oversized anodized foot pegs
  • red anodized billet oil cap & chain adj
  • anodized red rear sprocket
  • quick release front axel pull
  • Excel wheels
  • special race graphics
  • 6 month warranty

2019 Beta 200 RR 2T ​​
​     $8,399
2019 Beta 250/300 RR 
​     $8,699/$8,899
        IN STOCK 
2019 Beta 125 RR 
​     $7,999
         IN STOCK
2019 Beta RR-S


2019 Beta 200 RR

  • Oil injection
  • Electric Start
  • Low weight
  • Extremely good handling
  • 6-speed dog box transmission
2019 Beta 125/250/300 RR Race Edition
​     $8,399/$9,099/$9,299

2019 Beta 350/390/430/480 RR Race Edition
​     $10,199/$10,299/$10,399/$10,499

2019 Beta Xtrainer 300
​     $7,499       
2019 Beta Minicross- E
​     $1,799         
2019 Beta Xtrainer

  • 35.8" seat height
  • dry weith 216 lbs
  •  6 speed
  • electronic oil injection
  • 2.25 gallon gas tank
  • 18" rear tire; 21" front
2019 Beta Minicross - E

hydraulic disc brakes
  • Modern suspension
  • electric motor
  • bike weight = 94 lbs
  • suited to kids ages 7-11
  • extra battery include  


* KYB Suspension (Factory models ONLY)
* 48 WP Xplor Fork, Progressive WP Shock (Racing models ONLY)​​​
* Increased chasis flex
* New FMF expansion Chamber - 2T
* Improved Handlebar postion
* Lighter Neken Triple Clamps
* Upgraded regulator
* Stronger rear fender
* Stronger rear hub
* Wiring harness rerouted
* Larger radiators with new cooling lines
* New carbuaration - 2T

     Taking orders now

Factory Edition UPGRADES (Standard models don't have):

  • Blue andoized wheels
  • White plastics with different decals
  • Akrapovic Exhaust system - 4t
  • Full FMF - 2t
  • Cooling fan 
Cross Country UPGRADES (Standard models don't have):

  • MX Number Plate
  • Dunlop tires
  • Stiffer suspension settings
  • Blue andoized wheels
  • White plastics with different decals
  • Akrapovic Exhaust system - 4t
  • Full FMF - 2t
  • Cooling fan 
2019 Sherco SE 125/250/300 Racing
​     $8,400/$9,200/$9,300

2019 Sherco SEF-R
300/450 Racing
​     $10,000/$10,200

2019 Sherco SEF-F 
300/450 Factory
​     $10,700/$10,900

2019 Sherco SE-F 250/300 Factory
​     $9,800/$9,900

2019 Sherco SC 
250/300 Cross Counry
​     $9,600/$9,700

2019 Sherco SCF 
300 Cross Country
​     $10,600

2019 Beta Trials Bikes

* Dry weight for all Beta Trial's bikes is 143 lbs - 155.5 lbs
*Models available for inexperienced riders all the way to very experienced riders!
​*Beta has been in the trials market since the mid 1980's, with lots of success throughtout the years.

2019 Beta
EVO Sport 

*Total fual capacity of 2 gallons
*Front Fender Lift Kit
*Larger Counter Shaft Sparket
*Cushioned Seat
*Special Graphics
*Taller Gearing
*Beta Hand Guards
*Knobby Tires

2019 Beta
EVO SS Trials

*​Larger Flywheel Proividing More Torque
*Different Cylinder Head
*Different Ignition Programming 
*Dual Map Switch 
​*Slow Turn Throttle

2019 Beta
EVO Trials
*Hydralic Clutch
*Dual Map Ignition
*6 Speed Transmission - 2T
*Hard Coated Fork Tubes
*Tight Turning Radius
*4T's are extremely quiet
*5 Speed Transmission - 4T

2019 Beta EVO Factory 4T

*38mm Front Fork with adjustable compression, rebound, and spring preload
*Aluminum body shock with adjustable compression, rebound, and spring preload with linkage 
*5 Speed Transmission
*Titanium Silencer 
*Carbon Fiber Exhaust Guard
*Michelin X-Lite Tires

2019 Beta EVO Factory 2T 

*Titanium Header Pipe
*Black Magnesium Side Covers
*Increased Power
*Gold Colored Rims
*Tight Turning Radius
*Michelin X - Lite Tires
*38mm Front Forks with adjustable compression, rebound, and spring preload

2019 Beta EVO Minitrial 
*Evo 16" - Ages 5 to 9 
*Evo 20" - Ages 8 to 12
*Electric with three speeds to choose from
*Aluminum Frame
*Lightest in class
2019 Beta EVO Jr. & Sr 80cc
*Evo Jr. - Ages 9 to 12
*Evo Sr. - Ages 11 to 15
*6 Speed Transmission & Hydralic Clutch
*2T  Liquid Cooled Engine

2019 Beta Minitrials 16"/18"
​     $1,899/$2,299

2019 Beta EVO (SS INC) 125/200/250/300 2T
​     $7,099/$7,199/$7,699/$7,899
2019 Beta EVO 300 4T (SS INC)
2019 Beta EVO 80cc Jr/SR
​     $3,899/$4,399

2019 Beta EVO Factory 125/250/300 2T
​     $7,799/$8,299/$8,499
2019 Beta EVO Factory 300 4T
2019 Beta Evo Sport
Add on package to any model
​     $500 + Bike​​

You'll find our shelves loaded down with lots of supplies & bling.

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Looking for a particular part?
We carry many OEM and aftermarket Beta & Sherco. The dealership is loaded with accessories that will help to protect your bike as well as bling to make your ride stand out. Our online store is home to some of the best OEM and aftermarket parts. Check out our inventory to find the items that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else like Boano Beta, TM Designworks, Bullet Proof Designs, Enduro Engineering, and so much more. The part inventory grows weekly, with over 700 dirt bike universal and brand specific parts in stock. We also offer loads of used parts!​​