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Racing Romance (or maybe Romance & Racing...)

Racing Romance (or maybe Romance & Racing...)

Friday, April 12, 2019


Frieda Flamingo

  1. Over Oklahoma
    19 Apr, 2019
    Over Oklahoma
    Tayler & I have spent the last 2 weekends in Oklahoma. The rain was an issue last weekend, but not in time to keep me from losing some feathers.  You always see Santa pictures with little kids crying because they are scared, and you smile & say "awww how cute!"  Well, let me tell you people...... those pictures are NOT cute!!!  Those poor little kids are TERRIFIED and you should not take pleasure in that.  How do I know?  Well, because Tayler thought putting me beside a 50' Indian would be
  2. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Installing a Bib Mousse
    17 Apr, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Installing a Bib Mousse
    One thing many people dread to do on their bike is changing tires or installing mousse tubes. If you are sweating, struggling or becoming fatigued in the process of mounting a mousse, you are not doing it correctly or at least in a beneficial way. Bonecutter Off Road does offer installation of a bib mousse for $10 plus the bib cost. To make life easier a good tire stand is recommended. We prefer Rabaconda. Also, at least four tire irons need to be handy. Then of course, a big bucket of lube.
  3. Okie Sprint – Outrun the Pack (RAIN) & MHSC – Hardwood Hills Ranch
    16 Apr, 2019
    Okie Sprint – Outrun the Pack (RAIN) & MHSC – Hardwood Hills Ranch
    This past weekend round 4 of Okie Sprint took place just outside of Bristow, OK right next to Heyburn lake.  Racing took place Saturday, so I headed south after work Friday to give myself plenty of time to get there. Promotors of Okie Sprint decided to start earlier on Saturday to try to “outrun the rain” which sounded great to me. The less mud the better! One section was roughly 3 miles of grass track and the other section was considered the enduro section. I had a blast on the grass track,
  4. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Bib Mousse
    10 Apr, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Bib Mousse
    This week I wanted to talk about what exactly is a bib mousse, next week you will get to learn how to mount these bad boys without cussing and whining! Bib Mousse has been around since 1984 first invented by Michelin. It is a tire insert that replaces the need for an inner tube, solid foam that holds its shape. The biggest downfall is you cannot adjust the feel of the tire because you cannot put air in it. It will retain one feel until it deteriorates. But on a positive note, you will not be
  5. Okie Sprint Enduro - The Sprint 111 Ranch
    08 Apr, 2019
    Okie Sprint Enduro - The Sprint 111 Ranch
    Round 3 of the Okie Sprint took place this past weekend in Maramec, OK. According to Google this is an old ghost town, it is roughly a 5 and half hour drive from Mid-MO. This event was co-sanctioned with Black Jack Enduro Championship (BJEC), so the format was a little different. Split into two groups, long course which included B and above and the short course which included C and below. Two sections, long course had to do each section 4 times each and had two hours to do one section 4 times,
  6. Hitched a Ride
    05 Apr, 2019
    Hitched a Ride
    So I hopped into an RV with a lady I know and down the road we went.  I had no idea where they were heading, but I was ready to roll. Come to find out, they really didn't know where they were headed either. What a life to live, to be able to climb in the seat of you RV and just pick a direction. They even got the map out and let me be included in the decision making. I have never been on a road trip with no rhyme or reason to it.  I have always had life planned for me, so this is a real
  7. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Changing Oil
    03 Apr, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Changing Oil
    Don’t neglect changing the oil in your dirt bike. It lubricates the engine and clutch. We base our oil change schedule off of hours since last changed and what kind of conditions we rode the bikes in. Also, the rider is a variable. If you know you’re hard on clutches, your transoil should be changed often. Almost always after racing and before racing again, we change the oil. First step, gather supplies; oil, if 4T oil filter, catch pan, funnel, and tools. When it comes to choosing the oil,
  8. Spring Has Sprung
    29 Mar, 2019
    Spring Has Sprung
    I envy the hibernators!  I wish I could go to sleep and wake up when its warm. These pretty pink feathers are not insulated at all.      The grass is really turning green & that sure changes a girl's attitude. The winter has been soooooo long & miserable. I was beginning to wonder if an end was in sight. I did venture out a little bit, this week.  I ran across a couple of spacious potholes, that had at least 2 bedrooms in them.  :) The winter has been tough on
  9. Huckle-Beta Alligator NEPG Race Report
    28 Mar, 2019
    Huckle-Beta Alligator NEPG Race Report
    Huck Jenkins tells about how the long haul to the sunshine state and playing in the sand went. Huck currently sits 5th in the NEPG Beta Cup Challenge.  "Round 2 of the NEPG series is in the books! The Bonecutter Beta crew went to Ormond Beach, Florida last weekend. As it was such a long drive, we dragged along Scott Boyer as an extra driver. Steve and Tayler left around 4am and went to grab Scott. I met them at a gas station to start the 18hr plus drive south. It was amazing to see the scenery