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Fall Rut Boarder Battle XC - ERX Motor Park

Fall Rut Boarder Battle XC - ERX Motor Park

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


Tayler Bonecutter

  1. Kansas City Airport
    19 Oct, 2018
    Hidden Away for Adventure
    I hid myself in a backpack & went on a 4 day adventure last weekend.        We went to several museums in St Joseph, MO. If you are into history, I highly recommend the trip.  We spent hours in the Pattee House. It is full of neat things to see. We toured the home of Jesse James, the Pony Express Museum, & the Glore Psychiatric Museum, which had 3 other museums inside it that were included in the $6 admission fee.       Friday I flew in an airplane for the 1st time. I was scared & excited all
  2. Sherco Changes for 2019
    19 Oct, 2018
    Sherco Changes for 2019
    Racing Changes  New Carburation 2T Improved handlebar position Wiring harness rerouted Larger radiators with new cooling lines Upgraded regulator Lighter Neken triple clamps Stronger rear fender 2T Models: 125 SE $8400  -- 250 SE $9200 -- 300 SE $9300 4T Models: 300 SE-F $10000 -- 450 SE-F $10200 -- 500 SE-F $10300 Factory Changes  KYB Suspension Increased chassis flex New FMF expansion chamber -2T Improved handlebar postion Lighter Neken triple clamps New upgraded regulator Stronger rear
  3. Beta Changes for 2019
    18 Oct, 2018
    Beta Changes for 2019
    A new model is introduced in Beta's 2019 lineup - 200 RR $8,399 Oil injection Electric start Low weight Extremely good handling 6 speed dog box transmission  ETA to the states is late November - this model is expected to be a huge hit  Changes to RR ZF Sachs Shock New ECU Larger diameter clutch actuator New BPV Exhaust valve spring kit (300 cc only) Stiffer clutch cover (125 cc only) Model Line Up: 125 RR $7,999 -- 200 RR $8,399 -- 250 RR $8,699 -- 300 RR $8,899 Changes to RR-S New throttle
  4. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Bleeding Rear Brakes
    17 Oct, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Bleeding Rear Brakes
    Are you a rear brake rider? Well, I am no professional but I have learned in the past year that if you are in the so called “proper position” on the bike (STANDING ON YOUR TOES) it is impossible to ride your rear brakes. Anyways, back to the point, do you bleed your brake fluid before or after every race? It is not a must but I personally prefer doing preventative maintenance, the risk of losing the rear brakes in a race is not worth it to me. First step, make sure you have brake fluid on hand.
  5. MORE Panther Creek 2018
    16 Oct, 2018
    MORE Panther Creek 2018
    Final round of MORE took place at Panther Creek in Tuscumbia, MO. The entire week leading up to the race it rained and rained. Surrounding areas received 8+ inches!! The hot topic at the shop was, is it going to be a mudder or will conditions be perfect? The drive to the race site showed a lot of signs of mud; water flowing over low water bridges and standing water in the parking lot. During the riders meeting, Steve claimed the property only received two inches of rain. My first thought was,
  6. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Cleaning an Air Filter
    10 Oct, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Cleaning an Air Filter
    If you consider yourself a “dirt biker”, a good habit to have is, always check your air filter after every ride or race. If your race/ride was not dusty it MIGHT not be necessary to clean but when the filter does need to be cleaned, it can no longer do its job of stopping dirt. For starters, figure out where your air filter is located. It varies from bike to bike. On Beta’s you just remove the LH side cover and boom it’s there. Sherco’s have their air filters underneath the seat. Once you
  7. Racing with the boys - NO POWDER PUFF Racing
    05 Oct, 2018
    Racing with the boys - NO POWDER PUFF Racing
    I LIVED! Not only did I survive hanging out with Harley, I survived riding in the Figure 8 car race with her. It was a night to remember but I think I will live a longer life if I stick with dirt bikes. I have no idea how Harley could see to drive because my wings flipped and flopped all over the place. We got 2nd in our heat, which means we got to advance to the main event! Super cool because not only was it just her 3rd race but her first race in the regular show. Prior to this weekend, she
  8. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Air Filter Installation
    03 Oct, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Air Filter Installation
    Did you know an air filter is one of the most important components on a dirt bike? The purpose of it is to capture dirt to prevent it getting in the carb and sucked into the engine. So, it is kind of a SUPER BIG DEAL! A leaky air filter can cause premature wear, such as, top end components (piston and rings) wearing out sooner than they should. Glove up and let’s install an air filter properly. First off, a clean air filter is a must. If you install a dirty clogged filter, it can reduce
  9. Flamingo Adventures
    28 Sep, 2018
    Flamingo Adventures
    Sorry, I can't post any pictures from the NEPG this past weekend in Matthews, IN. Tayler has become a social butterfly and left me behind. She must think I will cramp her style. Phooey! She should already know the guys will flock to me. Hmmmm… maybe that's the problem - HA! I really wanted my picture taken by the covered bridge, it was really neat! The bridge was built in 1877 and you could feel the history as you walked into it. I could imagine the sound of horseshoes clicking across it as