Dragon's Back NEPG 2022

Dragon's Back NEPG 2022

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I don’t always travel across the country… but when I do, it is to RACE MY DIRT BIKE!

I made the 13.5 hour trip to Arrington Virginia to race the Drangon’s Back NEPG. The mountain views were beautiful and made the long drive well worth it.

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With rain in the forecast, I was unsure how conditions were going to be. Majority of the rain skipped the property so it turned out pretty PRIMO!

Test 1-3 were pretty flowy and fast! These sections did not have a lot of rock either just a lot of logs. I got along pretty well and found a flow fairly quickly. Test 4 got a little rocky but nothing crazy. The transfer between test 4 and test 5 was brutally rocky. We climbed to the top of a mountain and it was a rock garden! At the top, the view was absolutely beautiful. Test 5 was my least favorite. About a mile in, I hit a tree and shot my bike down a steep hill. I lost around 5 minutes right there trying to get it out and going again. My biceps were on FIRE!! It was nuts. Finally, I got some assistance to help me get going again. I am super thankful for that. The rest of the test had a lot of boulders and it was overall more technical.

At the end of the day, Dragon’s Back is still one of my all-time top favorite places to race! The views, terrain, and dirt are amazing! I finished 5th in Women’s Elite.

I also want to say good job the the rest of the Bonecutter Off Road crew who raced it:

Colby Gibson – AA 14th

Scott Boyer – A+45 5th

Jeremy Harris – B 12th

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