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Friday, November 30, 2018



  1. Tayler's Travels of 2018
    18 Dec, 2018
    Tayler's Travels of 2018
    The 2018 race season was spent putting lots of miles on the road along with hours on the dirt bikes. It has been absolutely crazy but I have traveled to lots of neat places, riding/racing in 14 different states. My Dad and I chased all of the National Enduro Series (NEPG). I finished for the year 3rd in Women’s Elite and my dad finished 2nd in A+50. It was a rough start to the season but I am finally getting the hang of the enduro format. My favorite round was Dragons Back in Arrington, VA.
  2. Christmas Has Begun
    14 Dec, 2018
    Christmas Has Begun
    Christmas has officially started for me this week.  My buddy, Harley, took me with her last night.  We ate at Applebee's.  Or should I say we finally got to eat at Applebee's.  They kept  telling Harley and her friends there were no pets allowed.  HELLO!!!!  I am NOT a pet.  What is wrong with people???  Anyway, once I got in the door with them, the food was good.  I had the Bourbon Street Shrimp and it was amazing. After we ate, we drove by and looked at the lighting of the Governor's
  3. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Fuel Filters
    12 Dec, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Fuel Filters
    Fuel Filters… important, cheap item that is often forgotten. The purpose of a fuel filter is to help the bike run cleaner. CHEAP & EASY TO INSTALL!! A good rule of thumb, be cautious where you buy your gas. That gas station right down the road no one goes to, most likely does not have fresh, good quality fuel available. Sometimes, bad fuel may only be a factor, and other issues may still linger. Fuel tanks can get debris in it easily. A fuel tank can already have fine particles in it from
  4. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Winter Riding or Store It
    05 Dec, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Winter Riding or Store It
    It’s pretty evident winter has made it presence here in Missouri. Although, blizzards are rare and extreme negative temperature don’t happen often, some people put there bike up in the winter but a few “crazy” people try to ride. Two questions, how do you prep a bike for winter storing or what is it like to ride. If you don’t plan on riding during winter, follow these steps so hopefully you will have less headaches come the first nice day in the year. First, give the bike a good wash, like
  5. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Set the Sag
    28 Nov, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Set the Sag
    WARNING, I am not a suspension expert but understanding how it works is something that interests me. Having the bike properly set up helps the overall rideability of it. I’m not saying you have to go spend a bunch of money to get your suspension tuned but suggesting to at least have your sag is set correctly. Doing so insures the correct size springs are in your bike along with allowing for better overall handling. The sag can be decreased to make quicker handling but will reduce high speed
  6. Frieda & 5TK
    23 Nov, 2018
    Frieda & 5TK
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Wednesday night, I went to watch Five Turn Knot preform. What a show!! I was dancing, singing, and got so into it that I ended up on the stage. I did not even realize it until Robert, the lead singer, scooped me up. I thought for sure I was in trouble and would be taken out by security. Not at all! This band was so cool! I instantly became a honorary band member, "Frieda & Five Turn Knot" is kinda catchy, don't ya think? I could easily get use to
  7. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Greasy
    21 Nov, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Greasy
    When it comes to grease, use it like you have an endless supply. Keeping the bearings lubricated with an amble amount of grease can extend the life of them. This simple task will make them last longer and in the long run it will be cheaper. Most new bikes come with grease on the bearings, but normally it is not a sufficient amount. While the bike is still brand new, we like to take it apart and add additional grease to the steering head, wheels, linkage, and swingarm bearings. My #1 rule of
  8. On the Hunt
    16 Nov, 2018
    On the Hunt
    I spent some time in the woods last weekend.  I wanted to find that big buck everybody talks about. I got up EARLY Saturday morning and blundered out to my tree, half asleep.  It was soooooo cold!  I sat there forever. Like 30 whole minutes. All I could think about was warm milk & algae.  I grabbed my gun, trotted right back to the house, and fluffed my feathers by the fireplace while my milk heated on the stove. I went back out Saturday evening and sat until dark.  A couple of birds flew by,
  9. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Too Tight to buy Oil
    14 Nov, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Too Tight to buy Oil
    Man, dirt bike specific oil is high! Can’t I use automotive oil and just change it every time? My answer is no but you do what you want. For starters, lets talk about the oils journey in the engine. 4 strokes use a recirculation oil system. Oil is forced into the filter by an engine driven pump. The filter picks up large particles that should not be there. After it goes through the filter, the oil enters the oil pump and then fed throughout the engine. Minimizing heat and friction build up is